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24th-Oct-2012 08:06 pm - Hey, hey, hey!
My name is Wendy and I ♥ the Shark show for real!
23rd-Apr-2011 12:48 pm - Jeri Ryan Fans!!!
Star Trek: Voyager - J/7
For the fans!!!

10th-Nov-2009 01:57 pm - Holiday activities
TW - [Allison] laugh bright
Just a reminder that Shark is an eligible fandom in each of the following multi-fandom holiday gift exchanges and challenges if you're looking for a Shark fic activity to occupy you over the holiday period. Yuletide, oldschoolfic and smallfandomfest.

Sign-ups and prompt submissions are due soon for all of them, so be sure to check them out quickly if you might be interested!
4th-Jan-2009 01:02 pm - Fic: The Comfort of Friendship
TW - [Allison] laugh bright
Posting on behalf of the author, who wrote a Shark fic as part of the Yuletide 2008 challenge.

Title: The Comfort of Friendship
Author: jenab
Pairing: Danny Reyes/Michael Hackford
Rating: PG

Summary: Danny couldn't remember the last time someone wanted to know how his day had been.

The Comfort of Friendship
16th-Nov-2008 03:14 am - Shark Icons
Rovers: King Tugs
Yup, there's people out there still making them! Man I miss Shark *mourns* Anyway, here's a preview and the rest can be found at my LJ which is here >> ams87.livejournal.com/


Crediting and commenting are love people :D

31st-Oct-2008 08:42 am - Modly Update
Shark - you can't win them all
Hello there members. *waves* You've probably noticed I've been very absent since the show was cancelled. At this point in time, I don't foresee much ongoing interest in the show or this community (to be honest, there wasn't loads of interest while the show was still airing) so I will be remaining largely off screen mod-wise here. I will of course read all posts and take any appropriate action on inappropriate posts or behaviour that pops up, and I am almost always fairly quick to contact if you think I haven't noticed any problems, but I won't be organising any activities in the future as I did while the show was airing.

Should anyone be interested in drumming up support for activities (meta and discussion, fic and art challenges, or anything like that), please drop me a line and I'd be happy to give you co-mod status here. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in joining small fandom challenges, there are two currently running or about to run that get a reasonable (or more than reasonable, in the case of Yuletide) turnout:

smallfandomfest will be running their next round from November through to January.
yuletide has opened nominations for 2008. (Shark is already nominated for this year, but be sure to second the nomination and check/update the character list if you're interested in writing or requesting Shark fic for the Yuletide challenge.)
8th-Jul-2008 04:04 pm(no subject)
Ten Shark Icons here


17th-May-2008 12:10 pm - Protest the loss of Shark!
My horse would kill me for a cookie.
Moonlighting fans are donating blood as a show of protest against their show's cancellation. This gave me the idea of donating to the cause of shark protection/conservation to protest our show's cancellation. It may not help bring us back, but it'd be a socially responsible way to express our displeasure. If anyone's interested, here's a good charity to check out, and if anyone finds any others, I'll post them as a list here.

Shark Trust

ETA: After you've sent your donation, write to CBS to tell them about it here:

20th Century Fox Television Prod.
10201 W. Pico Blvd.; Bldg 226
Los Angeles, CA 90035
14th-May-2008 03:41 pm - Last nights episode of Shark
Who watched Shark last night?!

First of all: NOOOO. I can't believe they're cancelling it. Can
someone confirm this as being true/false? Sorry for the xp, but I
gotta know if it's true.

Secondly: That band Castaneda that was on last night was so good! I
found their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/castanedaband ... the song they played on the show was called "Pixels".

Anyway, if someone could please verify if Shark getting cancelled is
true or not, please advise. And sorry again for the XP.
14th-May-2008 03:47 pm - Shark canceled
Viv / Fabulous
CBS revealed its primetime schedule for next year, Shark's been unfortunately canceled.

James Woods gave an interview about it yesterday, you can read it HERE.
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